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AKRON SIGNMAKING  File requirements for programming.
Format in order of preference.

1.         *.DWG           AutoCAD 2000                                 
2.         *.DWG           AutoCAD version 12 or lower          
3.         *.DXF             AutoCAD                                                      
4.         *.CDL             CadKey                                              

            A clean up charge may be incurred if the following files are supplied

  1. *.EPS
  2. *.AI


An extra charge for electronic vectorization may be incurred for the following file types. To avoid this use alternatives 1 to 4

  1. *.JPG
  2. *.BMP
  3. *.TIF


PDF files will incur the same programming charge as non-electronic drawings (paper sketch)

Programming from samples or templates will incur a premium in cost and may cause a delay in manufacturing.


Format of CAD files (DWG, DXF, CDL)


All cutting information to be on a separate level or layer, preferably clearly named as such.

All etching/marking information to be on its own layer/level, preferably clearly named as such.
Dimensions to be on there own layer
All other data such as borders, centre lines, hole tapping OD indicators, instructions etc, to be on another layer or there own individual layer.
It is preferred that you supply us with individual items per file.
If you must put more than one item into one file please use layers/levels to discriminate between different materials and thickness ie. one layer per material and thickness and clearly named as such eg. All 10mm mild steel on one layer named Cut_10mm_MS all 8mm stainless steel on one level named Cut_8mm_SS ect.
Please name the file by the description (part number or drawing number etc) you will be ordering by. This leads for easier traceability.

Please make sure that any blocks are not multiple blocked. The best way to ensure that this is done is by exploding all blocks. Repeat this procedure until there are no more blocks defined in the file.

Round holes to be drawn as circles (ie not polylines or splines)
Ellipses to be drawn as AutoCAD ellipse entities if using AutoCAD 2000 DWG in preference to a polyline. This is not essential but it will lead to a better quality cut.
Do not use Splines if possible.If you must use a spline entity then we will use an automatic clean function on it. This may result in the Geometry being changed and even disappearing. We will not take any responsibility for the part being incorrect in this case.

It would be appreciated if you remove all co-linear and duplicated entities. Care also should be taken to ensure that there are no gaps and overlaps in the cut profiles.



8 Joyner Street, Moorabbin Victoria 3189 Tel: 03 9555 7466 Fax: 03 9555 7489 Email: sales@akronskylights.com.au