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glass baked enamel

Colourful artwork & permanently bonded glass coated signs are an attractive addition to your project.

Strong tough steel panels of any size are undercoated with glass and fired at 850° celsius to form a permanent bond with the steel base. Covercoat is applied by dipping or spraying a wide range of colours to form the background of glass baked enamel signs.

Graphics are screen printed, a process which allows fine detail and registration.
One, two, three or four colour process printing and photographs are available.
Superior protection against ultra violet radiation is four times better than any other metal sign.

Vandal proof, almost impossible to scatch. Graffitti can easily be removed with solvent on a rag, without any damage. Glass baked enamel can be any shape, size or colour you want. It has the hardness of glass and strength of steel.

Glass baked enamel panels are stain proof, heat resistant and odour free.

Products include:

  • Railway signs
  • Street signs
  • Public directory boards
  • Partitions
  • Architectural fascias
  • Exterior sea water area sign



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